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Tips for taking good photos at home

Photography related requests continue to grow. The most requested categories in recent years have been general photo shoots and photos for christenings. However, family photoshoots, and for other events, are also on the top of the list.

The truth is Portuguese people are increasingly betting on photography. There is a special emphasis on family photo sessions. As such, and not always being possible to resort to the work of professionals, what many people choose to do is to resort to one or several shimmer wall backdrops.

Now, I ask you: have you ever thought about doing a themed photo shoot? Any occasion is a good one, but the arrival of spring and sunny days can be a great alternative for those who want to create their own photo shoot at home, or outdoors:

Tips for taking good photos at home

1. Choose a suitable location. 

If you have a garden, a terrace or some other outdoor environment, take advantage of it. If you don't, choose a room indoors that can be used with adequate light.

2. Prepare the equipment. 

Check if the camera is in a good condition and the batteries are charged. Also make sure you have a clean lens and a variety of accessories to try out.

3. Use natural light. 

Natural light is the best light source for portrait photography. Try to use morning light as it is softer and gives less shadows. If you are indoors, use artificial lights to improve the lighting.

4. Play with lighting. 

Use shadows and light to create interesting effects in your photos. Try using different lights and directional lights to get different results.

5. Test the exposure settings. 

Adjusting the exposure correctly is very important for the quality of the photos. Analyse how light and shadow affect exposure and make adjustments to get the best result.


6. Bet on creative features. 

Use objects to give depth to your photos, such as light boxes, mirrors, etc.

7. Use a tripod. 

A tripod is essential for any type of photography. It helps to keep the camera steady and optimises the quality of the images.

8. Stay close to the camera for better focus control and better quality images.

9. Try to be flexible with poses and ideas. 

Test everything you can and don't be afraid to experiment.

10. Take lots of photos. 

The more you take the greater the chance of getting good pictures.


11. Using a self-timer helps you avoid blurred photos and get better results.

12. Make pauses so the subject of the photo can rest and the images are more natural.

13. Bet on creative image backgrounds and backdrops. 

You can visit fancybackdrops.com, and purchase one of the many backgrounds and backdrops that are available.

14. Wear appropriate accessories for the photo shoot, such as clothes, hats or glasses.

15. Have fun. 

Enjoy the photo shoot and take the most of it!


Have you got any ideas? If so, share them with me, here, on Facebook, or on Instagram.

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Às 10:44 da manhã, março 21, 2023 , Blogger - R y k @ r d o - disse...

Belas dicas. O meu elogio
Saudações poéticas.

Às 11:06 da manhã, março 21, 2023 , Blogger Renata disse...

Adorei as dicas.



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