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Why should we focus on silicone consumption?

The use of silicone products in our daily lives has been taking some prominent features, especially when talking about replacing single-use plastic products.

Custom silicone molds, and other silicone products, have several advantages, including the fact that they do not stain or rust, they also have a non-stick effect when used in the kitchen, they do not smell, they are easy to unmould and they are easy to clean.

Furthermore, when well maintained, silicone can last up to 10 years, making it a very resistant and functional material.

How can you use silicone moulds?

1. In the kitchen:

For example, you can use silicone moulds (provided they are suitable for culinary use) to make a cake, jelly or even muffins. Also, airtight boxes, and bases for plates and glasses made of silicone, have been growing and are taking over the preferences of housewives.


2. In your handiwork:

 Whether to use epoxy resin, to make candles, or even soaps.


3. Medicinal uses:

 You can also opt for silicone menstrual cups.


4. With babies:

An excellent idea for those who have children and don't want to put products such as plates, bowls or cups that are too hard in their hands. In addition, nowadays there are kits of custom silicone cups, with bottles, cutlery, plates, bowls and even bibs. There are also several toys, brushes and soothers that will delight the younger ones.


5. Travelling:

These days, silicone bottles are often used for carrying shampoo or shower gel.


6. In our hygiene:

There are a wide range of body scrub brushes, soap holders, among others.

However, it is essential to mention that the purchase of silicone, as well as plastic, should be moderate and never a single-use product. As these products are easily reused, they can and should be purchased with environmental awareness, but above all as a replacement for single-use products.

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