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6 golden rules when shooting with backdrops

Eternalising moments; that's the main purpose of a photo. Whether it's to later remember that special holiday, an important birthday, a wedding or even the prom... Photos exist to prevent us from forgetting special moments like those.

You can remember the moment of your graduation or your prom forever, either with photos taken on the spot, or with a photo session using specific backgrounds such as the Iridescent Blue Shimmer Wall. I don't have any photos of that special moments of mine and I regret that today...

So, it is important to remember that even if you use backgrounds to simulate the desired party atmosphere, the truth is that they will be a mirror of a phase from your life, and they will tell a story that sooner or later you will want to remember.

If you're thinking big, you can even create wallpaper with photos or, who knows, personalise the wardrobe doors. Let your imagination run wild!
Photo backgrounds are essential for creating real or imaginary settings and environments, so you can capture the best of your image. Backgrounds are a way to personalise your work and create a unique style and identity for it.

6 golden rules when shooting with backdrops

1. First of all, choose the background that best suits the aim of your work. 

There are backgrounds available for any purpose, from the simplest (like wallpaper) to the most detailed (like a studio set).

2. Next, set up the scene. 

Make sure that objects and people are in the right position, so that the photo has the best possible result.

3. If you are using a physical background, make sure it's fully stretched and aligned. 

If you’re using a digital background instead, make sure the colour and brightness levels are correct.

4. When you're ready to start shooting, make sure the light is adequate.

If you are using artificial lights, make sure they are positioned correctly.

5. Once you are ready, it’s time to start taking the photos. 

Make sure everything is perfect before pressing the shutter.

6. After you have taken the photo, do a review to check that everything is correct. 

If you think something is not right or not as good as you want it, you can go back to the previous step and redo the photo.

 Thinking of all these needs, fancybackdrops.com offers a wide range of backdrops that can be used in several parties, from birthdays to baptisms, or even a wedding. Here we have the ideal backdrop for any type of photo. 

Photos that we will keep forever as a sign of the immortalisation of a special moment.
Well, better than remembering good times is making them happen. Photography can help us to create these fun occasions and keep them for posterity. So when you are taking your photos, always remember to have fun and to have the right ambiance to create good, fun and unforgettable memories for everyone in the moment. After all, the best photo is the one where we have a sincere smile on our face.

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Às 11:25 da manhã, março 28, 2023 , Blogger Mário Margaride disse...

Sem dúvida alguma. As fotos recordam momentos inesquecíveis.
Continuação de ótima semana!

Mário Margaride


Às 1:10 da tarde, março 28, 2023 , Blogger Cibele Nascimento Silva disse...

Otimas dicas de como tirar fotos, beijos e uma otima semana.

Às 2:18 da tarde, março 28, 2023 , Blogger Teresa Isabel Silva disse...


Às 2:19 da tarde, março 28, 2023 , Blogger Teresa Isabel Silva disse...

Fico feliz que tenhas gostado!

Às 1:51 da manhã, março 29, 2023 , Blogger J.P. Alexander disse...

Gracias por le consejo.- Te mando un beso.

Às 4:06 da tarde, abril 05, 2023 , Blogger Ana Freire disse...

Vou anotar o endereço sugerido... pode vir a ser útil futuramente!
Excelente sugestão! Beijinhos


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