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Let's talk about Popilush shapewear

The search for the ideal body is still a constant concern, mainly for many women who find in famous people sculptural bodies with enviable measures that are, many times, apparently impossible to achieve.

Day after day, standards of beauty and elegance come to us that seem not to fit today's woman's body: big, well-crafted buttocks, thin, defined waist, plump lips and perfect breasts; this all together can seem too much even for those who have a healthy diet and go to the gym religiously. Sometimes genetics doesn't keep up with trends and no matter how hard we try, we come to the conclusion that we can't match beauty standards.
As such, we feel it is mandatory to turn to long lounge dresses when we have a special event that requires us to wear a ball gown.

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But it doesn't have to be bad, quite the opposite. Nowadays, several women argue that the important thing is not to fit a size or correspond to a certain pattern. Nowadays (fortunately), beauty is in the happy and confident woman with herself.

I hope you are part of this group of happy and confident women - I'm sure you do, but of course, even the most confident woman has days when she wakes up and feels that her hair looks awful, that she is fat, that her face could be better, or even that her legs could be longer.
As for the legs, there is not much to do, but a good solution to feel better on harder days is to resort to a best shaping bodysuits, which will help you narrow your waist, and your thighs creating the illusion that your body is curvier and more elegant.

And if you are thinking that wearing this type of garment will make you uncomfortable, you are very wrong. I myself occasionally use this type of products that can be purchased in stores like Popilush. and I am not dissatisfied at all. It is important to see this type of garments as an up in our self-esteem, as a fashion accessory and not as a piece that exists only to enslave us.

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In addition to being used to train and help us shape the waist during workouts, the shapewear full bodysuit are also widely used by several women, who want to define the waist while wearing that perfect tight dress, without noticing those boring little fat that we all hate. And this also applies to the full bodysuits shapewear.

In fact, several celebrities (many of them famous for their slim waist), confessed to resorting to this type of products inside and outside the red carpet. It is not about not accepting the body, quite the contrary, using this type of accessories is the proof that no matter how well a woman feels with her body, there is always something that can be improved, and in this case, successfully without hassle or deprivation.

So, tell me, did you already know this concept of shapewear essentials? Have you ever used it? What did you think about the low back shapewear?

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  1. Gostei muito das ideias! :)

  2. Interessantes dicas, principalmente para as mulheres.
    Interessantes ideias.
    Deixo os meus votos de uma excelente semana!

    Mário Margaride

  3. Oii Teresa,

    Eu gosto muito desses shaping bodysuits, acho que vestem super bem e valorizam o corpo. Adorei suas escolhas!


  4. Tenho curiosidade de usar mas algum receio por nao me sentir confortavel...

  5. Eles são ótimos para deixar o corpo mais bonito.

  6. Adorei esses looks de vestuário!

    Boa semana!

    O JOVEM JORNALISTA está no ar com muitos posts e novidades! Não deixe de conferir!

    Jovem Jornalista

    Até mais, Emerson Garcia