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Are waist trainer manufacturers bad for your health?

This is not the first that waist trainer manufacturers are mentioned in this blog. In fact, a lot has been said about the benefits of this type of accessory, however, there are still many myths and theories about its use.

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Is it bad to use a waist trainer manufacturer?
Many people defend that the use of waist trainer manufacturers is a very interesting strategy to wear tight clothes without having to worry about that visible belly. However, the specialists defend that the use of waist trainer manufacturers must be controlled, that is, we can use them, but we cannot abuse them.
The use of waist trainer manufacturers on a daily basis can compress the abdominal region, impairing breathing and digestion in the long term.
The constant use of waist trainer manufacturers either all day long or even to sleep, with the sole purpose of slimming the waistline may end up contributing to the worsening of the abdominal asymmetry, because in fact the permanent use of the accessory may prevent the natural contraction of the abdominal muscles, and decrease the diameter of these muscle fibres, making the muscles weaker and, consequently, increasing the flaccidity of the belly.

Most frequent risks associated with the use of waist trainer manufacturers:
Weakening of the abdominal and back muscles, leaving the belly flabbier and worsening the posture, because the muscles become weaker, forming a vicious circle, with more and more need to use the belt to 'slim the waist' and supposedly improve posture;
Difficult to breath, since during inspiration the diaphragm lowers and naturally moves the abdomen, and with the belt this movement is impaired;
Poor digestion, because the excessive pressure of the waist trainer on the stomach and other digestive organs, hinders the passage of blood and its functions;
Constipation, because the movement of the diaphragm over the intestine helps the bowel to empty, but with the use of the waist trainer, this movement does not happen as it should;
Poor blood circulation because the excessive pressure of the waist trainer on the vessels makes it difficult for the blood to reach all the tissues efficiently;
Increased insecurity when without the waist trainer, which is detrimental to mental health and quality of life.

However, waist trainers can be used, especially in post-surgery situations, and when recommended by doctors. There is also no harm in an occasional use of this accessory, and if you are thinking of buying one, then get to know wholesale shapewear and choose the ideal model for you.

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