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How to use the waist trainer correctly?

Using a waist trainer has many benefits. However, it is not enough to buy one and wear it; you need to know how to use this accessory correctly and know the respective care you should take when buying your neoprene waist trainer for the first time.

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Waist trainers are, without a doubt, one of the greatest allies for a sculptural silhouette or for those who are overweight. Therefore, it is helpful to reduce the appearance of the belly, thighs and other places where there is a greater concentration of fat. It is also a widely used accessory in postpartum recovery, or in other surgical interventions performed in the abdominal area.

How to use the waist trainer correctly?

  • Place the waist trainer in a straight standing position
  • Wrap the waist trainer around the abdomen; for this you should use the hooks or velcros present on the piece, to ensure that you adjust them comfortably, but without forgetting that the piece must exert some compression;
  • It's critical to find the balance between having the waist trainer too loose or too tight (for example, to the point that it is difficult to breathe), so when you put on your waist trainer, make sure you're breathing normally;
  • You must keep the waist trainer in direct skin contact, so do not wear it over other materials or clothing;
  • Check the recommended time with which you should remain with the waist trainer and do not exceed that time.

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 Rules to take care of your waist trainer:

  • Choose a breathable fabric;
  • Wear a discreet body shaper buttock lifter, so the waist trainer is not noticeable under your clothes;
  • It must be comfortable.

Bear in mind that the waist trainer must be of a model and fabric that makes you feel comfortable, the idea is for it to be your second skin, so don't be afraid to bet on a quality and reliable product.

Have you ever used a waist trainer? How was the experience?

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