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The pieces of clothing I must have in the summer

With the arrival of spring and with summer on its way, it is time to prepare our closets for the season’s appropriate clothes and accessories. Despite the cold days, it is almost impossible not to be tempted to visit online stores and discover new trends and online wholesale clothing.

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Personally, in the summer I do not say no to the shirts and tube tops made of light fabrics which, besides being fresh, are always elegant and casual, being perfect for both a day at work, as for going out at night to go for a walk or go for coffee.

Another piece of clothing that I do not dismiss is the jeans. However, I know that most women prefer skirts, shorts and dresses, and I myself begin to consider buying some of that and start betting more on these kind of garments that obviously fit better in the heat.

The wallets and accessories are also a must have of the season: the hats, earrings and necklaces deserve their highlight, without ever forgetting the wallets that from the largest to the smallest are essential for our day-to-day. Perhaps, that is why online stores are making strong bets on wholesale bags.

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Personal preferences aside, experts and fashion gurus argue that vibrant colours and fabrics are back in the spotlight along with the use and abuse of accessories that help creating the perfect look at any occasion. If you have a special event, go for the usual classics and you will surely do well. In case of doubt, look for your inspiration in stores, both physical and online, and I am sure you will find the ideal piece for what you want.  So, as you have seen, there are no excuses for not enjoying the next season as it should be.

What about you, what are your clothing and accessories must haves for the summer?

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Às 3:14 da tarde, março 31, 2021 , Blogger Cidália Ferreira disse...

Lamento, não percebo, falta a tradução :)
Um brinde que já foi meu ...
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Às 3:56 da tarde, março 31, 2021 , Blogger Sofia Veloso disse...

São sim modelos bem bonitos, mas nem sei qual gostei mais

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Às 9:27 da tarde, março 31, 2021 , Blogger Os olhares da Gracinha! disse...

Gosto das 3 primeiras!!! Bj

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