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Gothic yellow suit

 Kristen Stewart appeared on the red carpet for the pioneer of the year honors in a very bold, yellow gothic suit. Recently more women have been choosing a suit over a dress for red carpet attire. In fact, at the 2019 Oscars, more celebrities than before have been choosing to wear suits over dresses or gowns. Not only can suits be more comfortable, but many actresses are using suits as a political statement to show that girls and women do not have to wear dresses if they do not want to. They also have pockets, which can have convenience for women. Kristen Stewart not only pulled the gothic suit off but made it very adventurous with yellow color choice. Yellow stands out, and even though the suit may not be tailored and form-fitting to her, the white cami and layered silver chains help keep the look flattering. She wore the suit off the shoulder, and half unbuttoned, which accentuated her cami and accessories. She also wore black and white oxfords. This shows there is more than one way to wear suits. Many women are still afraid to wear suits and think they cannot pull it off when there is more than one way to wear suits. While it still looks good form-fitted and tailored, it can still be worn baggy. Kristen Stewart has worn suits at other red carpets in the past and can pull off both. Some women may be more conservative and would feel more comfortable having a suit form-fitted. This suit is from the Petar Petrov Resort 2020 collection, which included many signature suits. The collection as a whole had a very earthy palette, and the suit Kristen Stewart was wearing was one of the brightest pieces. The specific shade of yellow is chartreuse.

While both suits (yellow and black) have a very punk, bold appearance, wearing one will make a much different statement than the other. Both of the black gothic suits pictured have much more detail to them. They both have more buttons than the yellow suit, which only has two visible buttons. The buttons on the black suits accentuate the waist nicely. The black ones also have more design and details to them. Each black suit has different sleeves. One has sleeves made of a lighter material than the rest of the suit. 

The other gothic black suit has intricate details on the cuffs. They have a much more vampire goth appearance to them. While the black has more detail to it, the yellow still stands out more because of its color. The yellow suit does not need to have much detail, it is already very bold the way it is. If there were more buttons, it may not have looked as good the way Kirsten wore it off the shoulder. Many people would go straight to a black gothic suit because it is what they are more comfortable with. Black is known to make you appear more slim and elegant. Also, you can match almost any color with black. If you wanted to accessorize with a pop of color using shoes, jewelry, a scarf or a hat, it would be much easier to do this with the black gothic suit. Yellow does not match with as many colors, but you could still accessorize with black. Kristen Stewart did wear black and white shoes with her yellow suit, but if the shoes were any other color, it might not have looked as good. Often people get scared to wear something bright like the yellow suit, because it may not go well with their skin tone. However, often when they go for it and take the chance, it can be a huge confidence boost! Wearing yellow often has been known to make people seem more positive and friendlier. The yellow suit is very bright and stands out, everyone is going to notice you. If you want all eyes on you, then the yellow would be the better choice. 

If you wanted something not as bold as the yellow suit, but still wanted some color, then red may be a great option. It is still dark and gives off a vampire or steampunk vibe, without being too attention-seeking. It may still stand out, but be more toned down compared to other colors. One of the downsides to the black gothic suits is that the details of the suit are more difficult to see from being so dark. With the red suit, any details, lace, or buttons will stand out more and be easier to see. This red suit also includes details on the back, making it more unique.


With red, you can still accessorize, but not with as many colors as you could with black. Black itself would be one of the best colors to accessorize with the red suit. Black pants would also match with a red gothic suit. Many gothic suits are black, so this would be an excellent piece to have in your closet that would stand out while being able to still wear frequently. The yellow suit, for example, is something that would be worn more for special occasions than everyday wear. The yellow suit is made for fashion shows or red carpet events. It could also be worn on a night out with friends. The red suit could also be worn for a night out, but is more practical and could also be used out every day. The red suit would be perfect for a first date. If goth is not always your style and would not feel comfortable in it for a first date, it would work perfectly as a steampunk costume or at a festival. There are many great things about all of these gothic suits and you can see Gothic fashion with Victoria Style. Some women may still be unsure about how they feel about suits. There are so many different varieties that they can try on. With so many varieties of color options, lace details, button options, and fits (tailored or not), the right one is out there for them somewhere! 

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