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Do you want a warm jacket?

Do you remember me saying that winter was not that bad and that it was a good time to wear nice, warm jackets? Well, I take it back! These past few days have been so cold that not even the most handsome jacket works miracles!

I mean, it does not work miracles but it helps ... a lot! So today, I would like to introduce you to an online store I met recently: the Anemoye. Anemoye has such beautiful jackets that you do reconsider if the winter is really that bad after all.

The truth is this site is not the typical one where you can find several models, but those you do really give us second thoughts. This store is situated in eU and has only wholesale cloting to sel (minimum order 150€.

Personally, I think this online store makes the difference by being assertive in the products that have available. If you go into this wholesale Clothing, you’ll be able to see that there are only two categories: dresses and jackets. This allows you to stay focused during the research.

Do you want a pretty dress? Go to Anemoye's dresses section.
Do you want a warm jacket? Go to Anemoye's jackets’ section.
As you can see, it can’t get easier than this.

And speaking of jackets, I must confess that I kept an eye on some models I saw there. I love models with fur inside, because in addition of being warm (perfect for these horrible cold days), they are elegant and feminine.
After visiting this website, I was really tempted to renew my jackets, and invest on even more warm models, because next year, I want to be better prepared for the winter, next year I want to embrace the cold with style, and without feeling a single cold pang.

This is why I’m more and more of a fan of wholesale clothing. The variety of offers and the simple purchase process is something that more often, me and many other people, admire.

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