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How to get trough Winter with style and no cold?

Temperatures have begun to come down, and although I think we will still have a few days of sun and heat, the truth is mornings and evenings are much colder.
Several times over the last week I wished I had dressed something warmer and cuddly. After all, winter and the fact that we always have a lot of clothes and some of them very thick, do not mean that we cannot be feminine, elegant and comfortable.
The truth is that womens clothing online exists to prove us that even in winter and with several layers of clothing we can still be beautiful and well dressed, and although I do not consider myself a fashionista, I am a woman and I do not give up on beautiful pieces but I do value the comfort; and also, I hate feeling cold. Having in mind the various women who think alike, I decided to visit FashionMe, and create a beautiful look, ideal for the cold days that are close, and most important, very comfortable.

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One of my biggest problems in winter was the fact that in my work (now college) is always very hot because of the air conditioning, but then I freeze to death whenever I have to go outside. The best alternative to overcome this problem was to adhere to the tendency to dress in layers, so I can remove and dress according to the room temperature.
Take a look at the example I give you with only four pieces of clothing:
First, I would chose to wear the overalls, ideal for very warm environments, like offices or other places with a higher temperature than outside. As it is tigt and waisted, I could always and fearlessly wear a shirt or sweater over as long as the neckline and cut of the same does not conflict with the overall. In addition to get a kind of two different looks, I can get an extra protection for those situations in which it is hot, but not so much to have the arms completely unprotected.
Betting on warm boots is also a good option, as our mothers and grandmothers already say "if you have cold feet, your whole body will be cold".
For me, the best way to protect against cold is to bet on a coat, very warm and congregative, with collars that protect well the chest and neck, and with a safe length so that if I have to lower or sit it does not climb on the back, making me feel that shiver of uncomfortable cold.Obviously, nowadays we can always complete the look with hats, scarves and gloves, which can now be found easily in several stores, so there are no excuses.

If you are thinking about remodeling your wardrobe for the winter stay tuned, because FashionMe will soon have a Black Friday winter outerwear

So, tell me, what are your "tricks" to always be elegant and comfortable on the coldest days?

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