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Red and white… With a touch of denim

Who follows me on social networks must have noticed that over the last few days I’ve been talking about my personal tastes regarding outfits. My preference always falls on denim. And now you ask: Teresa, isn’t it hard to vary when you always wear jeans?
And my answer is: no!
To be just fashion now (at least to me), a pair of jeans, some originality and a good taste is all you need. I don’t resist to a red t-shirt or some white heels. I think that both white and red work well on denim, so I don’t think twice if I have to do this combination.
Summer is on its way, and most people are looking for lighter clothes, so dresses are often an option, and keeping in mind the white and red concept, I found on Style We website some beautiful dresses that you can see in this link.  
Personally, whether it’s summer or winter, I really don’t abdicate wearing jeans… I truly believe that when we use them well, any rag can have a special beauty; want to see?

1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6.

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  1. Umas calças de ganga é recorrente..
    Kis :=}

  2. Nossa tem peças lindas
    CantinhoDaSofia /Facebook /Intagram
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  3. Muito obrigado.

    Ótimas escolhas :)

    NEW PERSONAL POST | The PARTY is here, cause, it's my BDAY ;D
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  4. Por acaso sao cores que adoro combinar hehe :)
    Great Post ;)

  5. Peças giras sim senhora!! Beijinho

  6. Jeans... já não passo sem eles!... das mais variadas cores, feitios e padrões...
    Óptimas sugestões nos deixas! Adoro a 1 e a 3!